Cross-country - in the great outdoors!

Classic cross-country runs and skating tracks in Gerlos

In winter there are also plenty of sports activities away from the piste. As soon as there is sufficient snow, cross-country runs are groomed on a daily basis.

Langlaufen in Gerlos

A healthy sport in the great outdoors

It's not just fans of classic cross-country skiing that will find what they want: there is also a dedicated skating track of course. In total, Zillertal Arena represents 200 km of top quality cross-country ski runs!

High-level trail on Gerlosplatte

Distance: approx. 7 km
Level of difficulty: moderate to difficult

The highest cross-country ski run (circuit) is found on Gerlosplatte (1,640 m) in the "Hohe Tauern" National Park.
By car up to "Gerlosplatte". Starting point is at Sporthotel Gerlosplatte.

Innertal - Alpina - Schönachtal Trail

Distance: approx. 6 km
Level of difficulty: easy

Once again, you start at the Oberwirt car park and go along the left bank of the stream towards Innertal - passing the hydroelectric station - to the so-called "Funsingau". On the return leg we cross the wooden bridge (opposite Innertalerhof) - underpass into Schönachtal - passing Schönachhof and on the opposite side of Schönach Steam back towards Gerlos.

Schönachtal – Stinkmoosalm Trail

Distance: approx. 6 km
Level of difficulty: easy to moderate

Start at the Oberwirt car park and cross the bridge over the Gerlos Stream. The trail on the left bank of the stream takes you to the start of Schönach Valley.
At the end of this trail there is about a 15-minute walk on the cleared footpath into the valley, where you meet the "Stinkmoosalm" cross-country ski run. This trail is partly hilly and is one of the best and most popular cross-country trails in Gerloss.